Thursday, March 10, 2016

Get Ready! Annual Nashville Plant Sale Coming Next Month!!

The Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee's annual plant sale makes gardeners smile :)
(Photo courtesy of PPSMT)

Do you love plants?

Of course you do! (That's why you're reading this blog.)

Well, for gardeners in Middle Tennessee, one of the most exciting events of 2016 is just around the corner when the Perennial Plant Society of Middle Tennessee (PPSMT) hosts its annual plant sale starting at 9 a.m. on APRIL 9th at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville!

I attended this plant sale a couple of years ago and was very favorably impressed with the quality and selection. I found lots of exciting plants at reasonable prices that I've never seen at any of our local nurseries. For instance, I bought my Baptisia australis (blue false indigo) at the PPSMT plant sale and it has become one of my favorite perennials. (I've never seen a Baptisia at either the big box stores or any of our local nurseries.)

I also learned the importance of arriving early! I showed up about 10 minutes after the event had started and several species of plants that I was hoping to buy had already sold out!

Just look at these healthy Heuchera that were sold at a PPSMT plant sale!
(Photo courtesy of PPSMT)